And Why To Make Them Your New Summer Project  

With summer right around the corner, our team has been eagerly anticipating the soon-to-arrive days of alfresco dining and outdoor entertaining. And what better time than now to design, renovate, or redecorate the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? We know outdoor kitchens are a game-changer when it comes to making use of your garden, rooftop, or grounds, and particularly in the warmer months, they can easily become what you most love about your home. 

Get inspired by our outdoor kitchen tips and must-haves; then get in touch with our property and home management team to bring your vision to life!


1) Have a theme   

Whether you want your kitchen to feel like a conservatory, a poolside oasis, or a place to cook and play your favourite music while watching the clouds change, nailing down your kitchen’s ideal look early on – whether you are starting from scratch or initiating a makeover – is key. From wicker chairs to leather barstools, to wider designs ranging from the styles of Axel Vervoordt to Chester Jones, mapping out your project and seeing it come to life will make for most fulfilling results.

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2) Pizza ovens

We can’t imagine an outdoor kitchen without a pizza oven. From rustic, to modern, to old world Italian, the options are endless. Whether you are opting for wood, charcoal, or gas fuel, this essential can be either a subtle complement to your outdoor kitchen, or a showstopper of a centerpiece. We love this trattoria-style oven, whose cupboard doors make the big reveal that much more exciting.

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For those of you spending less time at home as offices begin to reopen, consider lower-maintenance, environmentally conscious options that don’t require constant supervision. We are currently loving Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer’s WWOO garden kitchens, whose concrete bases are made to resist harsh weather conditions, no matter where you live. With their unique finishes including integrated sinks, fireplaces, wine crates and cutting boards, WWOO is one to keep your eye on.

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4) Consider your surroundings

When making plans for your outdoor kitchen, think about its proximity to other favourite areas of your property, and think about the view. Will it face your rose garden? A fountain? Can you watch the sunset from the counter? Furthermore, thinking about complements to your dining space can make your alfresco experience that much more enjoyable. Having a stocked bar fridge within a few steps from the pool, or built-in chopping boards facing a city skyline, using where you live as the foundation of what your kitchen will become is essential to its character.

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5) Incorporate your garden 

We mean this literally. For all of you organic fruit and veg lovers, whether you are putting your own green thumb to use, or sharing ideas with one of our landscaping maintenance specialists or domestic staff hires, there’s nothing quite like reaching for an extra handful of fresh rocket whilst moseying around your outdoor kitchen to your favourite tunes. Let “from farm to table” take on a whole new meaning.

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6) Get Creative 

Whether obvious or understated, have that one thing that makes your outdoor kitchen stand out from the others. Whether you are lining your countertops with antique brass candlesticks, modern glass wine decanters, or having bistro-style chalkboard walls to record shopping lists and recipe ideas, an outdoor kitchen can be as much of an art studio as a place to enjoy good food and drinks with friends. 

7) Stay close to home 

There is certainly an appeal to a kitchen that is somewhat isolated to the main house, but for those of you that like to have all within arms’ reach, consider your outdoor kitchen to be an attached extension of your home. Whether you are extending counters from your main kitchen to the garden or creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space, the options are endless with the right ingredients at your disposal.

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